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Nordstrom Beauty Trend Show 2013

nordstrom beauty trend show

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending the fall 2013 Nordstrom beauty trend show, and I have to say, I had so much fun doing what girls do best: playing with make up and shopping! I am such a sucker for all things beauty-related, be it skincare, make up, or perfume. I love all of it, especially when I know that they can make such an impact on our appearance. You may have pretty lashes, but why not make them drop dead gorgeous with some fab mascara? Or you can have beautifully clear skin, but why stop there when your skin can be radiant and positively glow with a sheer highlighter application? Going to the Nordstrom beauty trend show gives you knowledge and options.

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On a typical day, you’ll walk through the beauty department and stop at the counters you always stop at to pick up your favorite products. On an atypical day, you’ll stop and try on some products from a new counter and maybe even purchase a new lipstick, or new mascara. When do you go to a department store and stop at every counter? For me, that’s pretty much never. As much as I consider myself a beauty fanatic, it can be overwhelming to attempt stopping at every single beauty counter and getting info on what the latest and greatest is.

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What Nordstrom does is provide one exciting and informative runway show that features all the latest beauty trends, straight from New York’s runways during Fashion Week. This year, the show highlighted three major beauty trends: Graphic Eyes (i.e. smoky eyes), bordeaux lip (bring on the wine-stained lips, ladies!), and the coveted cat-eye (we all not-so-secretly want to embody a Mad Men star and share a scene with Don Draper, right!?).

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Aside from the fact that I have a personal affinity for these trends (seriously, it’s like they asked me what I wanted fall beauty to be like and the gods delivered), these beauty trends are all so gorgeous and work well on any woman. If you’re one of those people that says, “Oh, I can’t wear red lipstick,” or “I can’t do a metallic, smoky eye,” please reconsider. You can wear them, and I promise, you will look amazing. It’s all about finding the perfect shade, and Nordstrom’s beauty staff can help you do exactly that. With each look that came down the runway, the brand representative or global artist for the brand came out and described what the latest product was, how to use and apply it, and how it was on trend for fall.

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It was basically every shopaholic’s dream. And the best part was that I got a ton of free goodies and special gifts with some of my purchases. After I got done up by expert artists, I picked up a few of my items that I pre-ordered from my favorite counters (including this “Merlot” lipstick from Laura Mercier and “Do Son” perfume and “Roses” candle from Diptyque) and checked out all the fun samples I got.

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nordstrom beauty trend show

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I can’t wait to try all the different products on and create my own very personal fall beauty regimen that stays right on trend like the highly coveted and fashionable do!

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